There Are Now More than 1,000 ObamaCare Waivers

Gabriel Malor
Ace of Spades HQ

Historic. The President’s signature legislation is so wonderful and so necessary that over 1,000 waivers from its burdensome requirements have been granted.

HHS posted 126 new waivers on Friday, bringing the total to 1,040 organizations that have been granted a one-year exemption from a new coverage requirement included in the healthcare reform law enacted almost a year ago. Waivers have become a hot-button issue for Republicans, eager to expose any vulnerabilities in the reform law.

Democrats spent over a year claiming there was a moral imperative to do away with the mini-med plans that now routinely get a waiver from the Obama Administration. So, were they lying then or are they immoral now?

Could be both…

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Update: Obama administration keeps giving out Obamacare waivers, despite new Republican spotlight

…“Ironically, if you consider listening to the administration for the last two years, you’d wonder why anyone would need to be protected from this law,” Stearns said in opening remarks for a hearing he was holding on Obamacare waivers on Feb. 16. “Yet, today, we learn that over 2.5 million people have been exempted from the administration’s healthcare plan through these waivers.”

Since that hearing, Obama’s administration has issued 38 more waivers, which Stearns said are there to “protect” people from Obamacare.

“Two and a half million people need to be protected, literally, from the devastating effects of the health-care bill the administration has passed. Yes, protected,” Stearns said. “Under the very standards to determine whether a waiver will be granted, a company or insurer needs to show that, unless a waiver was granted, beneficiaries were either going to face a significant premium increase or a significant reduction in access to benefits.”…

Some industries and groups receiving Obamacare waivers are:

  • Several different local union chapters, including the Teamsters, SEIU, UFCW, Steelworkers, Communications Workers of America, Social Service Employees Union, United Federation of Teachers, public sector unions including police officers’ unions
  • Lots of local schools
  • Several specialized health service providers for issues including mental health, eye care, and x-ray and imaging companies, and rehabilitation centers
  • Small banks and financial institutions

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