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Hillary Havana heck of a good time

Clinton dances the rhumba. AFP/Getty Images. Click on the image to enlarge.

Jeane MacIntosh
New York Post

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday slugged back a beer and kicked up her heels at a Cuban-themed nightclub in Cartagena, as the brewing Secret Service prostitution scandal stunned the Summit of the Americas in Colombia.

America’s top diplomat was all smiles as she arrived after midnight with a dozen pals and her State Department security detail at Cafe Havana in the Colombian seaside town.

Clinton — in Cartagena with President Obama for the weekend-long Summit of the Americas — looked relaxed in a casual black dress as she and her pals took a large table at the popular club, where a large sign bearing the official seal of Cuba and the words “Republica de Cuba” hangs prominently over the bar.

Someone in Clinton’s party had called Cafe Havana hours earlier, asking to reserve space for an unnamed VIP, according to Colombia’s El Pais newspaper…

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Obama tells Latin American summit he’s hopeful for Cuban reform


Update 2: Obama: My Job in Colombia is to Find Good Vacation Spots for Michelle

…President Obama’s declaration comes hot on the heels of his testy exchange with Larry Connors of KMOV, who asked the president about those who “get frustrated and even angered when they see the first family jetting around [to] different vacations…sometimes maybe they think under the ‘color’ of state business…”

President Obama’s Colombia trip was filled with news, from the dismissal of 11 Secret Service agents for their alleged involvement with a prostitute, to the revelation that members of the U.S. Military may be involved in the same scandal…

Update 3Glenn Beck considers the Secret Service incident [with video].

…An incredulous Beck asked if anyone had ever seen the Secret Service conducts itself this way before.

Being dismissed for an alleged tryst with with prostitutes in Cartagena; carelessly plotting out routes in foreign countries that compromise the presidential motorcade; approving risk-laden locations for foreign stop-overs; publicly tweeting out disparaging comments about news networks; shaking down a 13-year-old boy over a Facebook post; allowing disgraced reality TV stars to crash the White House and cozy up to the president.

None of the above scenarios bodes well for those entrusted with protecting America’s Commander in Chief.

After a careful review of these transgressions, Beck came to the conclusion that there can only be two explanations — and each one spells trouble. Either the Secret Service is a motley crew of inept “morons” like “Homer Simpson,” or it comprises corrupt individuals who do not take the role seriously.

Beck allowed for another possible scenario in which the Secret Service is indeed the upstanding, capable agency it has always been purported to be. In this case, we may be in even more danger, as it would mean they are being set up, according to Beck…

It’s worth reading. After all, these are the men who leaped on to the back of a moving car to save Jacqueline Kennedy’s life.

Secret Service agent Clint Hill climbs onto the presidential limousine in a bid to protect Jackie after John Kennedy has been shot in the head. Photo via The Daily Mail of London.


And who saved President Ronald Reagan’s life 30 March 1981.

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