‘Think about all that we have lost’

Glenn Beck poignantly remembers September 11, 2001

Glenn Beck




Glenn opened Thursday’s radio program in the same way he has every September 11th for the last several years, with a montage of audio and video from that tragic day and the days and weeks that followed. The footage is sobering to this day.

On September 11, 2001, Glenn was still hosting a local radio show in Tampa, Florida on WFLA. He began his program that day reading the wire report that had limited details of what occurred earlier that day.

“I remember giving that news report in Tampa, Florida on WFLA,” Glenn said emotionally on radio this morning. “I can remember holding the wire copy. I can remember thinking, ‘Don’t break.’”

Glenn, Pat, and Stu spent today’s radio prep discussing memories from that day. But, as Glenn explained, the conversation was different than years past. This morning, Glenn, Pat, and Stu reflected on who they were as individuals – and who we were as a country – before September 11, 2001 and who they are now.

“We have lost so much innocence in the last 20 years,” Glenn said. “Think of how strong this nation really is to take the last 25 years of pummeling – from the Monica Lewinsky scandal where our president openly lied to us to the 2000 elections… to 9/11 to the financial crisis to the 2008 election… Think about how much we have changed. Think about how much we have lost. Put it into perspective today, if you’re old enough.”

“Think about all that we have lost,” he continued, “and ask yourself: Are we willing to lose anymore? Are we willing to lose each other anymore than we already have? Must we divide ourselves more? Today, remember.”



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We must never forget what happened on September 11, 2001. Here is our special page dedicated to remembering the terrible events of that day.



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