This explains a lot about Rhode Island: Van Jones and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse

US Senator: ‘I Don’t Know a Single Small Business‘ That Will Be Affected ’By Tax Rates’

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI). Click on the image to enlarge

Benny Johnson
The Blaze

“We don’t have a tax problem in this country, we have a revenue problem.”

So was the message on a panel entitled ’98 to 2: Raising Taxes to Invest in America and Promote Fairness’ that took place in Washington last month. The panel was made up of progressive researchers and politicians all waxing poetic over the best way to sell tax increases to the American people…

…Democratic Senator Whitehouse from Rhode Island chimed in, adding that he did not know a “single small business” that would be effected by tax rates:

“What works well for me at home, I don’t have this, you know, poll-tested…I say, look I don’t know a single small business in Rhode Island that is going to be made or broken by tax rates.  What’s going to make or break small business is whether people are actually coming through the door to spend money, whether they have customers.”

The panel was a part of the greater Take Back The American Dream Conference in association with Van Jones.

Read the entire article at The Blaze.

CAJ note: Barry Hinckley, your desperate little state needs you to win in November and so does your country! We know for a fact that businesses in the state have been decimated by taxes, both state and federal. We have to wonder when the people in the state will decide they’re tired of being the petri dish for U.S. Socialism.

Update: Maybe there’s hope for the state…from Legal Insurrection where there’s an article that explains this video.

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