This #Occupy hypocrite is a trust-fund baby

CAJ note: We first saw this young man in a video on Verum Serum the other day and thought, “Whoa, bad drugs in the park.” Or, sadly, perhaps genuine mental illness. Yesterday John wrote an update on this fellow with additional new video.

Video: OWS meltdown star a Columbia grad student … with a trust fund

Ed Morrissey

Yeah, I know, you’re shocked, shocked to discover that one of the viral-video stars of the Occupy Movement is a dilettante with a trust fund.  Tina couldn’t decide whether Edward T. Hall III (no, not kidding about the name) was a master satirist or just completely insane, but after Larry O’Connor and Breitbart TV’s investigation, I’m willing to concede that Hall III isn’t going to challenge Jonathan Swift in the near future:

What’s a trust-fund baby doing on a luggage carousel, trying to stow away on a flight at JFK? Probably the same as a trust-fund baby protesting Wall Street while money managers look after his finances. You expected consistency and logic from this crowd? Hall III has to take care not to get arrested at the OWS demonstration, though, because he’s on a “conditional release” after his hijinks at JFK, which means that he can end up back in jail on the original charge if he causes any trouble.

Biggest laugh moment: the New York Times reporter trying to keep a straight face while interviewing Hall III.  It looks like Corey Kilgannon was looking for a baggage carousel himself to take him away from the cliché-spouting subject, who tries to impress the reporter with how deeeeep the Occupy Movement is.  Are Columbia graduates really this clueless, shallow, and prone to sloganeering?  Oh, wait

The article continues, with video by Steven Crowder, at

Update: At Althouse a discussion on Orwell’s “1984”, Huxley’s “Brave New World’, “the rise of ‘comfortable poverty’,” and freedom.

“I think this has been done in the past. I think it could be done even more effectively now… It looks as if the totalitarian regimes of the future will not be based on terror, because they will have other means… which will be much more efficient… and more pleasurable for those who undergo them.”

John Stossell visits #OWS

CAJ note: There’s a difference between capitalism and corporatism. Or between the free market and crony capitalism. A half-truth is a very seductive, dangerous thing.

Update: Blazing Cat Fur has video of Thomas Sowell’s commentary on “capitalism and the ‘entitlement nation.’ ”

Another imposter. Another Occupy Wall Street poster child who is not (Update: He responds) at Legal Insurrection with video.

…Rather than representing a lost generation, Nayfack’s career is a success story of the American capitalist system, someone who was able to develop his creative talents, and turn those talents into a successful career.

But his sign says that he has $150,000 in student loan debt and needs help…

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