‘This President’s Life is Fiction’

Glenn Beck’s expose on Barack Obama and his “fairy tale” story

Glenn Beck

The program begins at 45 seconds.

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Last week on GBTV, Glenn ran one of his most popular and important shows – an episode dedicated to peeling back the mask of Barack Obama. On what will be only the first in a series of specials that will focus on the President, Glenn focused on the lies that Obama and his inner circle have told in order to create the narrative of a man who represents hope and change – when nothing could be further from the truth. Barack Obama’s story as told by the media has been one of half-truths, cover ups, and outright lies. His story is a fairy tale to help accomplish one thing: the fundamental transformation of the country.

This episode is not full of conspiracy or crackpot theories. These are the President’s own words placed side by side with the “fairy tale” the media and the White House have been selling the country since 2008.

This is the true story of Barack Obama in his own words – and it is a story he would rather remain untold.

The Blaze has summarized much of this research in Part 1 and Part 2 of their expose on President Obama.

Viewers, it is important that you share this information with your friends, family, and concerned Americans across the country. We have made this episode free so you can spread it out to as many people as possible. We are relying on you to spread this information. If you want to change the country, you have to take action and share this information!

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