Three Senators Who Deserve a Round of Applause

After a 94-3 vote, Hillary Clinton has been replaced by this:


Congratulations are in order for Senators Inhofe, Cornyn, and Cruz for being the only three out of 100 Senators who had the backbone to vote NO on confirmation of John Kerry for Secretary of State.



Most of the members of the Senate voted in favor of Kerry, one of the most cowardly anti-military leaders in politics today. Kerry, the one who dishonored our Vietnam troops and turned his back on them in front of the whole nation. Kerry, who disgracefully threw his medals on the White House lawn. Kerry, who supported the invasion of Iraq in 2003, but then called it “George Bush’s Vietnam” and fashioned himself as the peace candidate to try to beat Bush in the 2004 election.

Check this list of the most shameful quotes and gaffes made by Kerry, compiled at Free Republic.

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