To end 'discrimination,' Aceh to impose Sharia on non-Muslims as well as Muslims

Robert Spencer
Jihad Watch

We are constantly told by Sharia advocates in the U.S. — those who fight to kill anti-Sharia laws in various states — that Sharia applies only to Muslims, and only to their personal religious observance, such that restricting it would be to interfere with their First Amendment rights. The political and supremacist aspects of Sharia are conveniently left out of such presentations. But here is what actually happens in areas where Sharia is actually implemented: non-Muslims are subjugated and oppressed. Defenders of anti-Sharia laws should make use of stories like these to fight against attempts by Hamas-linked CAIR and its allied Islamic supremacist and Leftist groups to destroy anti-Sharia initiatives…

…Banda Aceh. Citing the need to end discrimination, Aceh lawmakers plan to pass a bylaw this week that would impose a Shariah-based criminal code on Muslims and non-Muslims alike, with offenders facing lengthy caning sessions or jail terms for acts that are perfectly legal elsewhere in Indonesia.

Moharriadi Syafari, the secretary of Commission G of the Aceh Legislative Council (DPRA), which oversees the religious affairs, culture and tourism, said the council planned to pass the bylaw during its plenary meeting this week.

A draft of the local criminal code known as Qanun Jinayat obtained by the Jakarta Globe includes a clause that stipulates that a non-Muslim caught violating Shariah law would be given the option of being tried at the Shariah court or at a regular court, based on the national criminal code (KUHP).

However, if the act is considered a crime under Shariah but not under the KUHP, even non-Muslim violators would be tried based on the regulations stipulated in the Qanun Jinayat…



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