Tommy 'Dude, that was two years ago' Vietor thinks we are 'idiots'

A brief and painful reminder that Washington is filled with flippant and incompetent halfwits

T. Becket Adams
The Washington Examiner

…Each of these events involves several dead Americans, some in the line of duty, some waiting for medical attention and some waiting for reinforcements that would never come. Very little has been done to find and punish those responsible for these events.

So along comes Tommy Vietor, he of the “dude, that was two years ago” fame, to inform the unwashed masses on Friday that their anger is very much misplaced and that they’re croaking on about nothing…

…Everything that’s wrong with the nation’s capital summed up in one tweet. Smug. Sneering contempt. Dismissive. And all in fewer than 140 characters.

Dude, that’s impressive.



Read the whole thing at The Washington Examiner.


CAJ note: Dude, it’s our taxes that pay your salary. Idiot.



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