Trumka on Wisconsin Astroturfing–‘So what?’

Verum Serum

Well, you have to admire his honesty. Asked by an unknown progressive blogger about charges that OFA and other groups were Astroturfing Wisconsin protests, Trumka doesn’t deny it. His response: “So what?” He goes on to say that this situation has really galvanized solidarity among all progressive groups:

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Also at Verum Serum, Trumka Talks to the White House Every Day, Visits Twice a Week

Is he bragging here or telling the truth? Notice the smug way he leans back and drapes his arms over the chairs. Of course he doesn’t say he talks to the President every day, only to someone in the White House. Still, is he really there a couple times a week every week? If so, that should be a national news story…

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