Trump: Buying NY Times ‘Very Tough’ Deal

Dan Well
21 Jan 2013

Real estate billionaire Donald Trump says he has looked at purchasing The New York Times, but that it would be a difficult deal.

“I think a lot of people are hoping it’s true” that he’d buy it, Trump tells Fox Business Network. “I’ve looked at the numbers. Their numbers are amazingly bad. They have a tremendous unfunded liability. I guess it’s over $1 billion.”

The company also has a dual-class share structure, “which makes it very tough,” Trump says.

He says it would be quite interesting to have The Times’ liberal economic columnist Paul Krugman working under him. “That would be really a lot of fun. He might not be reporting for very long,” Trump says.

Trump is not the only billionaire who has expressed interest in buying the Times. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who owns his own media empire, has been rumored as a potential purchaser if the Sulzbergers ever sell…

The article continues at MoneyNews.


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