Trump Electrifies CPAC

…and Infuriates Paul Supporters

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If CPAC is a primary for self-confidence, Donald Trump won hands down.

The real-estate mogul with a genius for self-promotion gave the most-acclaimed – and most colorful – speech at the conservative gathering this afternoon, from the moment he took the stage to the song “Money, Money, Money.”

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With no visible sense of irony, he slammed libertarian Ron Paul as a losing hopeful who can’t capture the brass ring and got booed by some for it, said our current president came ‘out of nowhere,” and quoted a business magazine’s story about what a terrific entrepreneur he himself is.

Yet he was by far the best-received speaker and the audience lapped up his act, as he read some of a prepared speech and used his hands to punctuate his words. He also hit on social issues “briefly,” as he said, saying he’s pro-life and anti-gun control. He said he’d dismantle Obama’s health care law.

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Update: Blogger Warner Todd Huston is at CPAC and filed this report about Trump’s speech. There’s a video there that runs two minutes longer than the video here.

Update 2: NY Times, Trump Will Speak at CPAC

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