Turkey intercepts Iranian missiles, chemical weapons at Syrian border


ANKARA — Turkey has determined that Iran was relaying chemical weapons and missiles to Syria.

Officials said Turkish authorities have seized components and material for the manufacturing of chemical weapons as well as ballistic missiles headed for the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad. They said some of these components were found in an Iranian truck convoy that arrived at the Syrian border with Turkey on Jan. 10.

“The four trucks were confiscated by customs,” Kilis Gov. Yusef Odabas said.

Odabas said Turkish customs officers confiscated the Iranian weapons shipment at the Oncupinar crossing, located in the Kilis province. He said the officers were tipped off by police of the approaching convoy.

The Turkish daily Taraf said the trucks contained six-meter long cylinders, used for missile production. Taraf said three out of the four trucks contained 66 tons of sodium sulphate.

The cargo was listed as containing components delivered by a leather company in Teheran to a Syrian in Aleppo. But Taraf said the components were believed to have been meant for CW production.

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