TV Cook Nigella Lawson Barred from U.S. for Admitting She Did Cocaine; Barack Obama Still President

Katherine Mangu-Ward

Plumptious TV cook Nigella Lawson was unceremoniously booted from a flight to the U.S. this week. Why? The Daily Mail (which is, let’s be clear, not the most reliable of news sources) is reporting that the domestic goddess was denied a seat on a plane because of her admission during an unrelated court case in the U.K. last year that she had done cocaine seven times and smoked some weed.

Technically, U.S. law declares foreigners who have committed drug offenses “inadmissible” to the country, even if—as in Lawson’s case—they never faced any legal proceedings at home or abroad.

Lawson isn’t the first person to be barred at the border for old, otherwise unremarkable drug confessions. But getting back into the U.S. will be time-consuming and/or expensive for the host of the American food game show, The Taste

…[Ms. Lawson] maintained that she was now drug-free, telling the jury: ‘I did not and do not have a drug problem, I had a life problem. I decided to address that.’…

…Only slightly related: You should really bake Nigella’s chocolate Guinness cake.



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