U.N. members grade America’s human rights record

23 November 2010

Are we the only ones who felt our blood boiling watching human rights giants like North Korea chastising the United States for its “gross human rights abuses” and Iran (Iran! stoning capital of the Islamic world!) criticizing our violence against women? Mindful Americans must see the rich irony of this U.N. “review.”

H/T The Blaze where you can read their article, “Thank you, President Obama.”

Update: Co2 Insanity reminds us who the players are…

…The membership of their Human Rights Commission tells you how useless this organization has become. You have:

  • Thailand, home of child prostitution
  • Saudi Arabia (yes they just give their females so many “rights” (like being beaten by your hubby his just fine with them)
  • Libya, who promotes the “human right” of bombing planes carrying large numbers of innocent people
  • Mexico – so rampant with crime and corruption that millions try to illegally enter the US to get away from it
  • China – another “stellar” place for human rights, as long as you don’t piss off the government and get locked up for a few decades
  • Cuba – the worker’s tropical paradise

We also have the UN Women’s Rights Council who just elected Iran to a seat. Yes, Iran, that wonderful Sharia paradise where women get stoned to death or hung for having affairs. How much more into ensuring women have rights than that?

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