U.S. attorney general to support Ohio voting-rights lawsuit

Jack Torry
The Columbus Dispatch

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder plans to support an effort to overturn a Republican-passed election law that eliminates days from Ohio’s early-voting period and ends same-day registration.

In an interview with ABC News’ Pierre Thomas, Holder said he expects to making filings in cases challenging Ohio and Wisconsin election laws. Holder told Thomas that he would “use every power that I have, every ability that I have, as attorney general, to defend that right to vote.” …

…Republicans have argued that current law still gives Ohioans more opportunity to vote than voters in most other states. They also note that Ohioans don’t even have to cast an in-person ballot because every voter will be sent an application for a mail ballot. “This is ridculous,” said Matt McClellan, Husted’s spokesman. “It’s time for the Democrats to stop scaring people into thinking it is hard to vote and join us in explaining just how easy it is to cast a ballot in Ohio.” …



The complete article is at The Columbus Dispatch.



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