U.S. Oil Pushes Back Against Anti-American World Powers – Despite Obama

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World oil powers such as Saudi Arabia and other OPEC nations, Russia and Venezuela are stunned at the dramatic increases in U.S. energy production – an increase that has them scrambling to try and prepare for lower cost oil that will place considerable pressure upon their own bottom lines. It is a victory of American innovation and free market power that has managed to grow despite repeated attempts by the Obama administration to halt through increased regulations and prohibitive taxes. And now as the Obama era nears its conclusion, the United States is poised to become the dominant energy producing power in the world, something that will create tens of thousands of high paying jobs and allow America to exert global influence without the need for military intervention – again, a development that has taken place despite an Obama White House opposed to that very thing.

Take this excerpt from a just published Wall Street Journal report…



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Great comment left on a story I posted earlier regarding the current and global “oil wars” going on that has new production in America pushing back HARD against those nations desperate to maintain more control over the USA:

“Have many contacts with Marcellus Shale affiliations who all say $40/barrel is beak even. $42/barrel is acceptable profit. $42/barrel means gasoline will cost $1.38!!!
Low overhead costs of horizontal drilling would allow Marcellus to survive about 18-24 months of $30/barrel ($0.99/gallon) without cutting back production, because most leases are one time fee and not based on volume extracted.
US oil production could be used to defeat Russia, Iran, Syria and Saudi funded terrorists almost overnight without firing a single shot.”



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…Gazprom, a state-controlled energy giant, has a clear interest in preventing countries dependent on Russian natural gas from developing their own alternative supplies of energy, they say, preserving a lucrative market for itself — and a potent foreign policy tool for the Kremlin.

“Everything that has gone wrong is from Gazprom,” Mr. Mircia said…



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