UKIP 'earthquake' rocks Labour and Tories in Elections 2014

David Cameron says he shares the “frustration” of voters who backed Nigel Farage’s party after Ukip surged to victory in councils across the country

James Kirkup, and Peter Dominiczak
The Telegraph [UK]
23 May 2014

David Cameron has said he shares the “frustration” of voters who have shaken the mainstream political parties by backing the UK Independence Party.

The Prime Minister said that people have backed Ukip because they are unhappy at the Coalition’s performance on issues like welfare and immigration – and suggested that their criticisms are justified.

“We’ve got to work harder and we’ve got to really deliver on issues that are frustrating people and frustrating me like welfare reform, immigration and making sure that people really benefit from this recovery,” he said.

Mr Cameron was speaking as results from the local elections showed that Ukip gains have cost the Conservatives and Labour dearly in many parts of the country.

At 2pm on Friday, with around half of the results declared, Nigel Farage’s party had gained more than 100 seats…



The article continues, with video, at The Telegraph.



Related:  British MP Bashes His Own Party for Hiring David Axelrod

…As it turns out, neither of their respective clients performed very well in the latest round of local elections, and on Friday, Labo(u)r MP Graham Stringer lashed out at his own party for running an “unforgivably unprofessional” campaign. He also took a shot at Axelrod, questioning the party’s decision to hire him (for a huge fee, presumably).

“I don’t really understand what the position of Axelrod is,” Stringer said. “Whether he’s there as a bit of a comfort blanket and a bit of a PR exercise, or whether he’s really going to take charge of the campaign. But somebody should.”…



Update:  British elections dismay establishment leftists

All over Europe, voters are turning in a conservative direction, and against the autocratic European Union and its big government enablers. New York Times reporters Steven Erlanger and Stephen Castle write a dripping-with-disdain account of local election results in the UK, which will be followed tomorrow by results for the European Parliament. To them, conservatgives are “right wingers” or “far-right” and those who object to EU takeover of sovereignty are “anti-Europe.”

Voters in Britain sent a forceful message of discontent to established political parties on Friday, as returns from local elections showed an even stronger following than expected for the anti-European Union, anti-immigration United Kingdom Independence Party…



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