Understanding Obama: learn the four types of enablers of narcissists

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by Cynthia Yockey
November 13, 2009

Conservative Pup is a nurse and she was disturbed by Obama’s cold and inappropriate behavior right after the Ft. Hood mass murder — you do not do “shout outs” just before announcing a mass murder unless you are doing a comedy skit or you have a sociopathic lack of empathy.

Come to find that a LOT more people are searching Google with key phrases like, “is Obama a narcissist” now than when I checked in February.

But the Pup also found an author who describes the four types of people who enable narcissists, and I think this is so useful a contribution to my occasional series on how to recognize Obama’s sociopathy that I will link and quote it here — do go to Pup’s, though, and read the whole thing:

Dr. Sam Vaknin, an expert on narcissism, identifies four types of people who aid and facilitate narcissists: the adulators, the blissfully ignorant, the self-deceiving, and those deceived by the narcissist. Dr. Vaknin continues:

“The adulators are fully aware of the nefarious and damaging aspects of the narcissist’s behaviour but believe that they are more than balanced by the benefits — to themselves, to their collective, or to society at large. They engage in an explicit trade-off between some of their principles and values — and their personal profit, or the greater good.

“They seek to help the narcissist, promote his agenda, shield him from harm, connect him with like-minded people, do his chores for him and, in general, create the conditions and the environment for his success. This kind of alliance is especially prevalent in political parties, the government, multinational, religious organizations and other hierarchical collectives.”

Does this remind you of anyone? Then go to Conservative Pup’s and read the rest.

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