Unexpectedly, Obama discovers rule of law, Separation of Powers

Obama admin says it ‘doesn’t have the authority’ to extend Obamacare deadline







…Please, Mark Knoller … who was this spokeswoman who said the administration doesn’t have the authority to move Obamacare-related dates around on a whim? Has she worked for the White House for long?…

…In any case, the administration is counting on those young “knuckleheads” to sign up at the last minute like they usually do…



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Update:    Sebelius: No individual mandate or enrollment deadline delays

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Wednesday testified before the House Ways and Means Committee that there would be no unilateral action by the Obama administration to delay the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate or 2014 enrollment deadline.

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Tex.) noted the dozens of changes or delays the administration has enacted since exchanges went live on Oct. 1, many of them to accommodate those who were unable to enroll because of the broken website. He asked Sebelius directly if the individual mandate or enrollment deadline were next in line.

“No sir,” Sebelius responded on both counts.

The first open enrollment deadline is March 31, after which the penalty associated with the individual mandate kicks in…







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