Union activist demands Walker “come to the table” on CNN, but …

Ed Morrissey

Suzanne Malveaux of CNN asks one question too many from a union activist in Madison, Wisconsin earlier today. Nancy Reisch insists that all she wants is to have Governor Scott Walker to “come to the table” to discuss a proposal that has been debated for months during the last election campaign. Malveaux asks whether the union would accept a deal that changed the contributions without affecting the public-union reforms in the bill, and Reisch says she would, but that Walker “will not come to the table.” However, when Malveaux asks Reisch what she thinks about Democrats running away from the table and out of the state, Reisch suddenly develops a hearing disorder (via Greg Hengler):

Malveaux suggests that perhaps Reisch couldn’t hear her. Reisch heard just fine; she just didn’t want anyone else to hear it.

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