United Nations To Convene Month Long Conference For International Gun Control


(SAFF)  Its time once again to just say, “NO,” to the UN.  As Spain deals with a bailout to “save” the economy and the country, and while the country is engaged in its worst financial crisis in recent memory, the Spanish Parliament took time this week to push for adoption of the United Nations  Arms Trade Treaty.

This is the Treaty that will infringe on the US Constitution, the Second Amendment, and your right to self defense. The United Nations and specially invited anti firearms rights groups who want to eliminate our firearms freedoms will be convening at the UN July 2nd through the 27th to draft a Treaty to accomplish the goal of regulating firearms and accessories, and ultimately the disarming all of America.

Spain agreed with the drafters of the Treaty, with input from various international and US gun control groups, who want the “Urgent and essential” Treaty to;
“a) Include a golden rule that prohibits the authorization of arms transfers where there is a substantial risk that used to commit or facilitate the commission-¬ – serious violations of international human rights and international humanitarian law.
b) Allow a comprehensive coverage that includes controls on weapons, ammunition and related material and on ALL (emphasis added)  transfers. 
c) explicit regulation of solid systems of licensing, transparency and reporting.”

International gun ban groups are telling UN member states, including the United States,  in unambiguous terms, to adopt this Treaty and clamp controls and international regulations on your firearms and ammunition, and all transfers, including purchase and sale of guns and ammunition.  By the wording of the treaty, inclusion of the “and related material” provision would include parts, accessories, scopes, stocks, magazines, and the like. The regulations are limited only by the bureaucratic enforcers imagination. And, of course, there is the “licensing” provision that all signing Countries are required to implement…

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UpdateWhen law-abiding citizens have guns … [Darleen Click]

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