University shields climate scientist with legal delay tactic

John O’Sullivan
Canada Free Press

The legal ramifications from Climategate rumble on. As expected, the university accused of shielding a climate scientist from a fraud probe finally shows its legal cards.

Accused by climate skeptics as apologists for scientific misconduct the University of Virginia’s (UVA) petition has been duly served on Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli. The writ is to protect discredited climate scientist, Michael Mann from a possible fraud prosecution.

Naturally, the legal writ opposes Cuccinelli’s demand for disclosure of what may be important hidden climate data withheld by that once impeachable institution. But buried within the legal papers is a potentially cynical delay tactic.

Filed on May 27, 2010, UVA’s attorneys make a thin case; they cite little or no legal precedents; hardly surprising when there are few, if any similar cases in the annals of Virginia’s case law.

Hypocrisy of ‘Academic Freedom’ Meme

Certain auspicious sections of academia have been quick to roast Cuccinelli in the build up to this.Theyand their lawyers spuriously contend that Virginia’s Attorney General had impinged upon their ‘academic freedom’ with his recent demand for UVA’s records of their former employee, Michael ‘hockey stick’ Mann.

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