Univision Debacle: Obama Misleads, Condescends To Latino Community

Obama Insults Latinos With 4th Grade History Lesson

John Nolte
Big Government
21 Sep 2012

While everyone is talking about Obama’s revealing comments yesterday admitting defeat when it comes to changing Washington DC from the inside, what struck me most after watching his entire Univision interview was Obama’s condescending and deceitful answer when pressed on the issue of immigration reform.

And I’m not even talking about Obama declaring the lack of immigration reform “my biggest failure,” as opposed to creating jobs. I’m talking about this:

Anyone who remembers the 2008 Saddleback Church forum knows that Obama just doesn’t do well in situations where he’s being questioned by someone who isn’t a part of his lapdog media. Throughout yesterday’s interview, Univision reporter Jorge Ramos pressed Obama, expecting truthful answers. Not being used to this kind of dogged intellectual honesty from anyone in media, Obama really fumbled his way through much of the session.

From where I stand, though, the worst part was the clip above…

…One fact Obama and the corrupt media would love for us to forget is that for two long years Obama enjoyed blank check approval in both chambers of Congress (including a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate)…

…The Romney campaign has a real opportunity here…

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