Using the Law to ‘Legally’ Steal Elections?

Steve MacDonald

Judge Lewis made it legal for out of state residents to vote in New Hampshire.  It’s not quite that simple but he essentially legalized out of state voter influence on your local election (vote fraud) which is not actually a new idea but may have been executed on a massive scale this week.

Now you’d have to be a bit immoral or unethical to take unfair advantage of such a legal loophole, yes?  To find and encourage people to participate in such a scheme?  Well what if a certain political party did just that?  If they used a legal loophole, secured by a liberal Judge, in response to a suit brought by Liberal activist groups, then used their massive canvassing database to target polling places where they could tip elections in their favor?  That would be crazy talk.  Legally robbing other people of their voice with out of state voters?

So I suppose we’d need some proof to make that case?  Well guess what.  You can help us gather it.

Get your towns voter checklist for November 6th. (You’ll need to do that ASAP before it gets updated).  Then, when it becomes available, get the list from November 6th, which should now contain all the names of the same day registrants.

Use whatever resources you have at your disposal to separate the same day registrants and then determine if they live in your town, are even related to anyone who lives in your town, and so on.  If you do not have time you can send them both to us and we will do that for you or find interested parties willing to help in the sorting…

The article continues at GraniteGrok. And if you are a resident of New Hampshire, please consider helping in this project. Your legal vote may have been rendered meaningless on Tuesday.

H/T DaTechGuy who posted some great video from Romney headquarters in Boston Tuesday night. His parting thoughts:

…Conservatism like anything else needs to be TAUGHT and Sold and you can’t stop teaching or selling

But to both them and French Radio with who I spoke to I described the United States as “two countries within one border” That being the case the only hope to go to the people.

Go to the Latinos and Black Americans, explain WHY conservative economics work for them. Explain why an open border hurts THEM and theirs and explain why the entitlement society makes them peons and slaves to the state as sure as if they were in the plantations of South America or the old South.

Go to women explain WHY not only conservative economics works for them but WHY conservatism in social issues benefits them, their children and themselves.

Let Americans know that WHY a strong America makes them safer than a weak one, make the case and do it every single day.

That is a better investment than any dollar to any superpac, until that is learned by the GOP we will see this again.

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