VA Okays Concealed Carry In Restaurants With Adult Beverages

Dan Riehl

h/t Teri Christoph on Twitter. Via the WaPo’s Virginia Politics section. I guess, now if your rare steak gives you any trouble, you’ll be able to do something about it besides chew!

The Democratically-controlled Virginia Senate has voted to allow concealed weapons permit holders to carry guns in restaurants that serve alcohol, as long as the person carrying the weapon does not drink. The gun bill passed on a 22 to 18 vote, after senators had a vigorous debate about whether or not people might have a reasonable reason to carry guns in restaurants.

The House has passed a similar bill; Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) has expressed support for the measure, and is expected to sign it into law. Both chambers also passed it last year, but Gov. Tim Kaine (D) vetoed it.

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