Valerie Jarrett Emerges To Declare Paris March 'No Show' Story FINISHED

DW Ulsterman

When Valerie comes out front and center, you know there’s an issue deeply troubling to this White House. In this instance it is even some in the Mainstream Media declaring a major blunder for not having sent a high ranking member of the administration to the Paris march following the Charlie Hebdo massacre carried out by Islamic extremists. This is both damage control and Valerie Jarrett declaring to that same media that this issue should now be considered over and woe to those who choose not to follow her directive.

When Jarrett tells the media, “Need I remind you”, that is the media’s signal to sit down and shut up…



Watch the video, “We certainly got the substance right,” at DW Ulsterman



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Mark Levin Obliterates Valerie Jarrett (audio)

…Mark Levin walks through Valerie Jarrett’s interview this morning on CNN and simply obliterates the arguments made by Jarrett…



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