Van Jones: Obama ‘Forced’ to Sit With ‘Racist’ Cop at Beer Summit

John Sexton
Big Government

In an April 3rd appearance on the left-wing Democracy Now TV show, Van Jones has offered his own behind-the-scenes take on an incident that made race a political issue three years before the Trayvon Martin case. As Jones describes it, the infamous “beer summit” on the White House lawn was a case where President Obama was “forced” into a meeting with a “racist” police officer.

In July 2009, while Jones was working at the White House, Sgt. James Crowley responded to a call of a possible break-in at a Cambridge, MA home. In reality, the person a neighbor thought might be a burglar was the homeowner, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, with another man helping him enter the house…

…according to Van Jones, the beer summit was not a chance for both sides of the disagreement to take stock but a media event forced the President to “sit humbly” across from a “racist” police officer…Jones goes on to describe the beer summit as a “terrifying, shocking” revelation about the state of race relations in America…

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