Van Jones Van Stones Eric Holder

Jamie Weinstein
The Daily Caller

Van Jones Van Stones Eric Holder – Attorney General Eric Holder has been under immense pressure and scrutiny by Republican lawmakers for his role in Operation Fast and Furious. Now, the left-wing Van Jones is coming out against him, reports TheDC’s Matthew Boyle:

“During a radio interview Wednesday night, former Obama ‘green jobs czar’ Van Jones broke ranks with current and former administration officials and ripped Attorney General Eric Holder for his handling of Operation Fast and Furious, the failed gun-walking operation that trafficked thousands of firearms across the Mexican border. ‘I believe that if this was happening across our other border in Canada, we’d probably take it a little more seriously,’ Jones said, implying much of the carelessness over Operation Fast and Furious came because many of the victims are Hispanics from Mexico. ‘I worry sometimes that we just don’t value all life the same,’ Jones added.”

If you’ve lost Van Jones, you’ve lost America. Well, at least the America that lives in Berkley, California.

The article is here: Van Jones rips Holder over Operation Fast and Furious: ‘We just don’t value all life the same’

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