Varney on Soros: ‘I do not like billionaire Socialists who hate America and try to make money out of our ruin’

Tiffany Gabbay
The Blaze

…During a segment on Thursday morning’s Fox and Friends, Fox Business host Stuart Varney told his fellow Fox hosts and America what he really thinks of “billionaire socialists” like George Soros.

Varney was responding to a statement put out by Soros in which Soros asserts he always puts the “public interest” over his own self-interest in business. Soros stated:

“I have made it a principle to pursue my self-interest in my business subject to legal and ethical limitations and to be guided by the public interest. If the two are in conflict, the public interest ought to prevail.

That’s when Varney unleashed, citing an instance where Soros reportedly did in fact put his own interest above not just another person‘s but an entire country’s citizens. The discernibly irritated Varney fired back:

“Tell that to the Thais who were left in misery after he [Soros] made hundreds of millions in dollars in profits on them . That set off the ‘Asian Contagion’ currency crisis of 1997. Soros bet against Thailand, they lost their shirts and they live in misery to this day and he made hundreds of millions. Where is the public interest?”

“It was not in their [Thais’] interest,” Varney reminded.

Varney then blasted, “I do not like billionaire socialists who hate America and try to make money out of our ruin. I don’t like that.”…

Read the entire article at The Blaze. And acquaint yourselves with the Bank of England’s collapse in 1992. Mr. Soros has admitted in interviews that he enjoys playing God.

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