Victor Davis Hanson: A Sincere Advocate

The Corner
August 26, 2009

The country sends its condolences to the Kennedy family, as the last of the three prominent Kennedy lions passes from the American political scene. I have special empathy with the Kennedy family, since my mother — an appellate justice — also died prematurely from a cancerous brain tumor; the hope that a family invests in all sorts of cutting-edge treatments, the courage a patient shows in undergoing them, and the nefarious nature of such an insidious disease in the end become heart-rendering — and overwhelming. At times such as these, it matters little that many of us disagreed with much of the vision of Ted Kennedy — nil nisi bonum de mortuis dicere. He had an incredible near-half-century run in the Senate, suffered terribly from the loss of his three brothers, and was a powerful and deeply sincere advocate for liberal causes respected by his peers of both parties. Requiescat in pacem.


Edward M. Kennedy, 1932-2009

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