Victor Hanson on Multiculturalism

Victor Davis Hanson

Multiculturalism is now the final arbiter of all liberal sensitivity. Let me explain.

Liberalism professes radical equality. More recently, it has extended that notion to cultures at large. Just  as all of us are to be ensured parity here, so too those abroad are to be seen as our collective cultural equals.

But logical problems arise with such moral equivalence:  whereas it fiercely attacks any supposed enemies of tolerance at home, it oddly finds all that inconvenient when looking abroad.

Take the idea of diversity. This concept postulates that society is enriched by a mosaic of different religions, races, and ethnic groups—all rightly equal under the law, all somewhat “different” from one another.

Most nations of the world, however, are not very racially diverse. Many see religious or racial unity as a plus—not a drawback. And to the extent they are diverse, most tend to promote one caste over another…

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