Video Seems To Confirm No Spitting On Congressman

Dan Riehl

There’s some higher resolution video below I hadn’t seen before. Unlike what was claimed during recent Tea Party protests in Washington, DC, it would appear Cleaver was simply walking close by in front of a protester. The protester’s hands were cupped as he was shouting. While it appears Cleaver may have experienced a spraying of sorts as a result of the yelling, it does not support a conclusion that he was intentionally spat upon, as claimed.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) issued a statement late Saturday saying that he was spit upon while walking to the Capitol to cast a vote, leading the Capitol Police to usher him into the building out of concern for his safety. Police detained the individual, who was then released because Cleaver declined to press charges.

You can see it clearly at 1:25 seconds in. If that is indeed the case, then Cleaver owes an apology to protesters for his false accusation. Cleaver goes on to engage the protester, wiping his face seconds later while going up the steps. But his claim of having been spat upon very much mischaracterizes events in my view.

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