Violent insurgency OK for America but not for Syria?

Russia Today America Attacks Syrian Rush to Judgment, Suggests Governments Killing Citizens is Expected

Verum Serum

They’re at it again. RT, the Kremlin run news channel, is spinning the story of what is taking place in Syria, trying to make a case for inaction even as thousands of its citizens have been killed by their own government…

…It’s a bit ironic that Ted Rall, who wrote a book calling for a violent insurgency here in America, seems to believe that a violent insurgency in Syria may not be a good idea. As I recall, his book was pretty light on thinking through what would come after America’s collapse. So much for consistency.

The guy from Inner City Press is arguing for what exactly? He’s saying other nations at the UN are hypocrites? Okay, but does that mean we should ignore what’s happening in Syria? That’s clearly what Russia wants the world to do and what RT is trying to defend.

Yes, the new Syria could be worse than the old Syria, but it can’t be worse than the Syria happening right now, i.e. the one in which a tyrant uses tanks and snipers to kill his own people by the thousands.

Watch this video at Verum Serum.

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