Visions of Creepy

by Jay Nordlinger
The Corner/National Review Online

In today’s Impromptus, I mention a site drawn to my attention by a reader: It’s called LittleDemocrats. And it advertises a book called Mama Voted for Obama! Its author, Jeremy Zilber, also wrote Why Mommy Is a Democrat and Why Daddy Is a Democrat. The ad copy reads, “Let your kids know you made the right choice in 2008!”

Mama Voted for Obama! (neat rhyme, by the way, as I say in my column) includes a little McCain character who waves a banner that says, “No We Can’t.” Sweet little Obamesque touch.

In the column, I give the opinion that you can make too much of “Obama worship,” and too little of it. And that you can make too much of the political indoctrination of children, and too little of it. It’s all “a matter of balance, taste, where you draw the line.” But I say that the sight of those books did give me a creepy feeling.

Anyway, Jeremy Zilber has sent me an e-mail. I asked him whether I could publish it, he said sure, so here goes. The Subject line is “Sorry to scare you!” And the note reads,

“Sorry to hear my children’s books have given you a creepy feeling. I hope you’re able to recover soon. In fairness, though, I was pretty creeped out for eight years by that moron you helped elect, and I’m still bothered by the damage he did to our country and the rest of the world. I guess we’re creeped out by different things.”

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