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10 January 2011

Calm, good sense, compassion and dignity from around the web today:

…What’s more significant — also at the link — is the way Loughner behaved in his college class. The teacher and the other students believed he was dangerously abnormal. We’re very tolerant in America, and we love individuality and freedom. We don’t interfere with the usual misfits, loners, free spirits, jerks, and idiots that we encounter all the time. But we ought to be able to take action when we can figure out that someone is truly deranged. Loughner — like the Fort Hood shooter — should have been stopped.

I think the lesson from this recent shooting isn’t that American need to tone down their rhetoric. (That’s an old issue that politicos are inelegantly and often contemptibly grafting onto the tragedy.) It’s that we need to see, understand, and do something about mentally ill persons.

Ann Althouse
Jared Lee Loughner’s “frightening, twisted shrine.”

* * *

Glenn wrote a letter to Sarah Palin last night to express his support to her and her family as the media attempts to link her to the tragedy in Arizona. Glenn read his letter and part of her response on air:

“She wrote back, in part: I hate violence. I hate war. Our children will not have peace if politicos just capitalize on this to succeed in portraying anyone as inciting terror and violence. Thanks for all you do to send the message of truth and love and God as the answer. Sarah.”

Glenn Beck
“Glenn reaches out to Sarah Palin”

* * *

Getting lost in all of the coverage of the shootings in Arizona is the other victims. Everybody seems to want to draw some sort of political message and blame the political discourse in this nation as the reason.

Well listen to the mother of the nine year old girl, Christina Green, who was killed. This girl was born on September 11, 2001. I suppose the gunman also killed her because of political rhetoric. The left needs to quit trying to find a reason to pin this on their ideological enemies, the anti gun folks needs to go find another cause celebre. It seems before the bodies could even be removed from the scene all these interest groups were at work trying to figure out how to take advantage of it.

All of it is despicable and everybody engaging in this sort of activity should be ashamed…

“Youngest Victim in Arizona was Born Sept 11, 2001”

…John Green:

“We know she wouldn’t want things changed. She would not want restrictions… I think there’s always going to be random acts. I think Christina and our family generally believes that there’s a lot of good people out there and that’s what we’re going to take away from this… We don’t wish this on anybody and I’m sure they don’t wish this on us. If we live in a country like the United States where we are more free than anywhere else then we are subject to things like this happening. And, that’s the price we have to pay.”

Jim Hoft
“Father of 9 Year-Old Victim Does Not Want Restrictions of Freedoms”

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