Walid Shoebat Exposes How Obama's Policies are Part of Master Plan to Revive Grand Caliphate

Walid Shoebat
The Right Scoop

Years ago, hints on questioning Obama’s loyalty to the U.S. was considered conspiracy theory. Today  Americans are becoming increasingly more suspicious struggling to find rhyme or reason for Obama’s latest Middle East policies. Rudy Giuliani seems to attribute Obama’s policies to be influenced through his affiliations with radical socialists like Frank Marshall Davis. But serious questions will prove that Obama’s policies are not different than a Muslim who supports the revival of the Muslim grand caliphate.

Was Obama influenced only by a Marxist-Leninist agenda or did he also not grow up Muslim, having learned how to recite the Muslim call to prayer in the classical Arabic tongue as he clearly admits? Can anyone even deny that Obama’s Middle East policies mimics Erdogan’s, especially when it comes to the two most powerful secular Arab states, Syria and Egypt?

Such policies stem from a Muslim mindset, not Marxist or even an American apple pie. To go against secular governments like Egypt and Syria is something ingrained in Muslim Brotherhood psyche. The history to be repeated eschatologically is the pride of Erdogan when the Ottoman Sultan Selim I turned against Syria and Egypt, conquered them and ruled the Middle East.

And why is Obama, like Erdogan, aiding only Syrian rebels while both policies of Turkey and the U.S. exclude training the Kurds?…



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On Saturday, NATO ally Turkey executed a major military operation inside of Syria to secure a former Ottoman tomb and rescue the surrounded Turkish soldiers tasked with guarding it. It’s no exaggeration to say that this development constitutes a limited invasion of Syrian territory by Turkish armed forces…


Update: From March 2013, Sec of State John Kerry reveals daughter married Iranian-American with extensive ties to Iran

…Here we have an example that demonstrates this reality further and it comes via Kenneth Timmerman, who has picked up on the fact that the new Secretary of State – John Kerry – has a son-in-law with family still living in Iran. This reality could conceivably affect how Kerry deals with the Iranians…



Update 2: Egyptian Amb.: ‘Egypt Considers Itself to Be the Bulwark Against Extremists’ (video)

…”This is something that we can do. You cannot do [it], you can help us. Really, this is up to us and we are going to do it,” Tawfik said.

How can the U.S. help? Shawn asked.

“You can provide us with the necessary weapons we need in fighting these people,” Tawfik said, asserting that the Libyan government is denied the weapons it needs to effectively battle the terrorists.

“If you start early on, it is easy to control ISIS. If you wait until it’s too late, until they have roots deeply in place, until they have training camps, until they control a large part of the country, then it’s already too late,” Tawfik stated…


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Islamic State extremists have seized dozens of U.S.-made weapons and armored vehicles in Iraq’s Anbar province, according to video obtained by CNN. Meanwhile Kurdish forces fighting the militants continue pleading for U.S. arms…



Update 3: So What Was In The Tomb Which Turkey Invaded Syria Over? Turkey Claimed It Wanted To Rescue The Remains Of Sulaiman Shah, An Icon Of The Ottomans. But What They Found In The Tomb Will Shock You. (video)

…Turkey, the media, the U.S. government, when it comes to some made up story about rescuing some remains were all simply lying and they knew it. They needed an excuse to upset the Syrian regime…



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