Warren slurs Scott Brown because of that (R) after his name

B. Daniel Blatt

Yesterday, at Legal Insurrection, Anne Sorock reported that Elizabeth Warren was playing the “rape card against Scott Brown” even though the Massachusetts Senator was one of the first Republicans to criticize Todd Akin and ask the Missourian to withdraw from the Senate contest…

…To Miss Warren as to Congressman  Schakowsky, it doesn’t matter that Republicans have overwhelmingly denounced Akin, with every prominent Republican who has spoken out on the matter as well as a sizable number of conservatives in the media asking the Congressman to exit the Senate contest.  (Interestingly, it seems that most of the people who want Akin to stay in the race are Democrats and allied special interests.) These folks are determined to smear the GOP at all costs…

Read the entire article at GayPatriot.

Also at the site, By Jan Schakowsky’s logic, Bill Maher’s crude slurs represent “real positions” of Democratic Party

Update: Sarah Palin: Todd Akin should withdraw or we’ll run a third party for Senate in Missouri

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