Was the outing of Sheriff Babeu an example of the ‘Chicago Way?’


I mentioned over the weekend that it doesn’t bother me in the least that Pinal County (AZ) Sheriff Paul Babeu is gay. What bothered me is the delight the Stalinist left takes in outing Republicans, and the media’s allegations that Babeu may have threatened his “illegal alien” ex-boyfriend with deportation, which would have been both impossible as a matter of legal authority, and an abuse of power if he did make such a threat.

Yes, well, the progressive narrative is much less than than they implied, as “Jose” has been in this country legally for years, making the changes look trumped up as a political hatchet job hatched with the help of a bitter ex.

The liberal Arizona media apparently knew Babeu was “the bad gay” (Republican) for some time, but lacked an excuse to run the hit piece they hoped would destroy him politically for months…

The article continues at Bob-Owens.com

Also, at HillBuzz, Sheriff Paul Babeu: Another Gay Republican Outed When The Left Wanted Him To Be (For Maximum Political Damage)

…Democrats decided to bring Babeu’s dirty secrets to light as a way to discredit his testimony related to the Fast & Furious operation (timed perfectly for this bombshell to drop at the exact moment national attention’s turning to Arizona because of the upcoming primary there).

Democrats have a file on every gay man in the Republican Party ranks.  There are pictures.  There’s video.  Democrat strategists coordinate with the elite, agenda-driven media to out gay Republicans when it can create whatever scandal is needed in that moment in time to serve the Tolerant Left’s agenda. Most of these guys are being actively blackmailed by the DNC…


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Also,  Seems media extended far more sympathy to Democrat McGreevey than to Republican Babeu

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