‘Was Trayvon Martin a kid, a child?’

Michael Yon

Was Trayvon Martin a Kid, a “Child”?

Let’s look at the evidence. 17 year-olds can, and do, join the military.

At 17, I joined the military (reported for duty when 18). Before I graduated from high school, I could bench press 300 pounds.

At 17, my high school friend Scott Helvenston became a Navy SEAL.

At 18, George Bush senior became a Naval aviator and headed off the war.

At 19, I was a “Green Beret” and went to jail after accidentally killing someone in what amounted to hand to hand combat.

In Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other wars, many of the fighters are more like fourteen, sometimes even younger.

Martin was not a child. He was in a man’s body doing “man things.” At his age, he could have joined the Marines.

18 year-old George Bush, aviator:



George H.W. Bush

George H.W. Bush






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