Watching the Constitution Disappear

by Joseph Smith
American Thinker
October 9, 2009

The President says the Constitution is defective, and now Senator Harry Reid is preparing the coup de grace.

Once Reid and Obama emerge from their transparent closed-door consultations on how to blend the two competing Senate Health Care bills, Senator Reid has a nifty parlor trick up his sleeve. The normal course of legislative events would be to debate and vote on the bill on the Senate floor, and then send the result to a House-Senate conference committee. The committee would then blend the final House and Senate bills into a product acceptable to both houses. Unfortunately for the citizens of the United States, that normal course of events in this case would allow too much time for discovery and discussion, and it might therefore result in the public learning too much about the future of their health care. Extended public inspection might even result in the bill not passing in the form desired by the President and his allies, or perhaps not passing at all.

The American people have consistently rejected the left’s attempts over the past fifty years or more to impose their idea of health care reform, and might do so yet again if given enough time and information. For Obama and his fellow travelers, therefore, time and obfuscation are of the essence, so why let an annoying and “defective” piece of paper like the Constitution get in the way of spiking government health care home forever…

…Technically the amended bill will have originated in the House, in the same manner that a blank piece of House letterhead stationary originates in the House. This trick has apparently been used for expediency on past occasions, but the far-reaching and perhaps irreversible effects in this case, combined with the obvious intent to pull a fast one on America, lead one to question the respect for the American people exhibited by our so-called representatives, aka our elected royalty. Congress plans to employ a technicality to pay lip service to the Constitution, using the shell of a House bill to in effect make a hollow shell of the Constitution…

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