“We are God’s partners in matters of life and death”

The United States government is an agent of God? Since when?

For nearly fifty years the Left in American, via the ACLU and others, have driven prayer out of our schools, fought to remove religious displays from public property, have proposed eliminating “In God We Trust” from our currency, and all but forbidden religion and God–certainly Christianity–from any public discourse. This President, who appears to support a culture of death from partial birth abortion to health care rationing for the very young and the elderly, who recently declared that America is no longer a Christian nation, dares now to appeal to religious leaders to further his statist agenda by placing himself as their equals in our lives? Is Barack Obama saying, in his message below, that he imagines he will partner with the Lord in deciding who will live or die? Can the American people possibly be insulted any further by the hypocrisy and dishonesty of its government and this administration?

‘We are God’s partners in matters of life and death’
Ben Smith
August 19, 2009

A reader points out that President Obama’s call with the rabbis today — as recorded in Rabbi Jack Moline’s and other clerics’ Twitter feeds — freights health care reform with a great deal of religious meaning, and veers into the blend of policy and faith that outraged liberals in the last administration.

“We are God’s partners in matters of life and death,” Obama said, according to Moline (paging Sarah Palin…), quoting from the Rosh Hashanah prayer that says that in the holiday period, it is decided “who shall live and who shall die.”

The president ended the call by wishing the rabbis “shanah tovah,” or happy new year — in reference to the High Holidays a month from now.

And from the blog PUMAbyDesign001:

Obama Enlists Liberal Religious Leaders as Bully Pulpit for H.R. 3200

140,000 Participate in Historic Faith Call with President Obama

“On Wednesday afternoon, an estimated 140,000 people of faith gathered on a historic national conference call with President Barack Obama and the American faith community. Sponsored by more than thirty religious denominations and organizations that cut across race and religious traditions, the call helped launch a massive “40 Days for Health Reform” campaign to mobilize people of faith to press Congress to finish work on health care reform after Labor Day Recess.

A recording of the call is available at www.faithforhealth.org or www.blogtalkradio.com/40mins4health, which live-streamed the call.”

During last year’s election campaign, Barack Obama claiming to be a devout Christian used the church and the black community to his advantage. However, once he became President, Obama attended church only once or twice.

Liberals advocate the separation of church and state. In the meantime, a little boy is suspended from school in Texas for saying a prayer in school and a principal in Florida is being charged with civil contempt because her husband gave a blessing inspired by God at a school banquet.

Since Obama has been in the White House and the Democrats back in charge, attacks against the church on all levels have increased dramatically.

Furthermore, President Obama who has hardly attended church since he became president has not uttered a word against these injustices. However, now that Obama’s legacy is in jeopardy and Obamacare is tanking, Obama has reverted to campaign mode by calling upon top liberal religious leaders. So much for the separation of church and states as Barack Obama is now quoting scripture while combining church, state and healthcare.

Obama’s stance is that his healthcare reform agenda is the moral way to go and, therefore, it is up to these leaders to spread the Obama doctrine. Obama could not be more morally wrong…

PUMABydesign001’s excellent post continues here.

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