We Are Not As Rich As Obama

David Lawrence
American Thinker

I am middle class. Neither Barack Obama’s net worth of eleven million dollars nor Mitt Romney’s worth of two hundred and fifty million dollars relates to me. They share an interplanetary tune that is remote from my hearing aid.

My poverty as related to Romney is not very different than my impoverishment as related to Obama. Obama pretends that he is middle class just because he is poorer than Romney. He is still a thousand times richer than me. Who is he kidding, shielding himself in the burqa of the poor, wandering around the false desert of improvised poverty.

The difference between Obama’s assets and the middle classes’ is far larger than between Romney and Obama. We, the people, are farther away from either leader than we are from each other…

Please Obama, quit pretending that you are one of us. Your wife spends eight hundred thousand dollars on a Spanish vacation and this isn’t even considered part of your income…

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And while you’re having your daily dose of hypocrisy here, read also, Obama fundraising with “ruthless” off-shorer in Austin?

…He also compared himself with challenger Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee. Obama talked about Romney’s support of “top-down economics,” saying that Romney’s “theory” of tax breaks for the wealthy hasn’t worked.

“I believe in bottom-up economics,” Obama said, adding that he would like to make sure anyone earning $250,000 a year or less wouldn’t see their taxes rise “one dime.” Obama said Romney, onetime CEO of a private equity firm, made a lot of money by outsourcing talent to other countries.

The President then heads over to a big $25,000-a-plate fundraiser hosted by a captain of the computer industry, former Dell executive Tom Meredith.  Maybe Obama thought rubbing shoulders with a real Texas businessman would burnish his bottom-up credentials, but if so, BuzzFeed has a buzz-kill piece of information for Team Obama…

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Update: The Awful Truth about Obama begins to break through the liberal bubble

It has gotten so bad for the Obama campaign that even Politico is starting to notice that Obama’s got nothing much to offer voters and can’t articulate an appealing message. Of course, in order to break this news to inhabitants of the liberal bubble, it casts the problem as a “stumble out of the gate” — sticking to the beloved horse race metaphor…

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