‘We the People’

Stop what you’re doing and watch Christine O’Donnell’s “We the People”


If you want to know what this election is all about, watch this less than 30-minutes political ad of why this election is so important.

Although the video highlights Delaware and Christine O’Donnell, it is just a sampling of what is going on all around the country with our economic state in this country.

For those of you who think O’Donnell is down in the race, she is actually surging in the polls. Obama and Biden are heading out to Delaware for a reason. They are afraid of tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s election is more important than ever. Go out there and vote, and persuade family and friends to GOTV.

The Right Scoop has more on how the Delaware TV station is blocking this video from being played…

Update: From HotAir, Oops: Cable station fails to air O’Donnell infomercial…twice

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