‘We Will Continue Enriching’: Iran Deal Reached with ‘Comprehensive Lifting of All Sanctions,’ ‘Announced’ Inspections

Bridget Johnson
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The P5+1 agreed to the “key parameters” of a nuclear deal with Iran after marathon talks in Switzerland, including “ceasing application” of all sanctions — a must-have demand of Iran at the negotiating table.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini, appearing at a press conference with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, said parties agreed to a “comprehensive lifting of all sanctions” in the deal that is “laying the agreed basis for the final text for the Joint Plan of Action.”

The deal will be for 10 years and allow Iran to keep about 6,000 centrifuges.

Mogherini said the agreement leaves “no other enrichment facility than Natanz” and allows International Atomic Energy Agency inspections that are “mutually agreed” upon.

Fordow will become “a nuclear physics and technology center,” she said. “There will not be any fissile material at Fordow.”…

…President Obama emerged in the Rose Garden to declare victory on his “historic agreement” with Iran.

“If this framework leads to a final comprehensive deal it will make our country, our allies and our world safer,” Obama said. “…Because of our diplomatic efforts, the world stood with us.”

“It is a good deal, a deal that meets our core objectives” and cuts off “every pathway” to a nuclear weapon. “If Iran cheats, the world will know it.”

Obama said the sanctions relief will be “phased” without being clear on a timeline. Iran insisted on no less than sanctions relief as soon as the deal is signed…



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So how easy is it for Iran to renege on its deal? While one Israeli official says that “The framework gives Iran’s nuclear program, the sole purpose of which is to produce nuclear bombs” Iran is already calling Obama a spin artist and a liar and that Iran will not close any facilities and will continue its program in full. Amazed? Don’t be. Its the Middle East stupid.

Just hours after the announcement of what the United States characterized as a historic agreement with Iran over its nuclear program, the country’s leading negotiator Javad Zarif lashed out at the Obama administration for lying about the details of a tentative framework…


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