Welcome To ‘Operation Chokepoint’-The DOJ’s Massive Overreach To Shut Down Lawful Businesses They Don’t Like

Weasel Zippers

Are you involved in any of the following businesses?

Ammunition Sales
Cable Box De-scramblers
Coin Dealers
Credit Card Schemes
Credit Repair Services
Dating Services
Debt Consolidation Scams
Drug Paraphernalia
Escort Services
Firearms Sales
Fireworks Sales
Get Rich Products
Government Grants
Home-Based Charities
Life-Time Guarantees
Life-Time Memberships
Lottery Sales
Mailing Lists/Personal Info
Money Transfer Networks
On-line Gambling
PayDay Loans
Pharmaceutical Sales
Ponzi Schemes
Pyramid-Type Sales
Racist Materials
Surveillance Equipment
Tobacco Sales
Travel Clubs

Had any trouble with your accounts of late? Well, if so, the DOJ may be trying to shut you down by making it uncomfortable for banks to handle your accounts, as Teagen Presley found out…



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