Well, this is interesting: Looks like Bowe Bergdahl's father was in contact with al Qaeda

Doug Ross @Journal

Liberty Speaks co-blogger “Lady Liberty” contacted me earlier today with some interesting information.

It would appear that the father of Bowe Bergdahl, the AWOL/deserter swapped for five bloodthirsty terrorist leaders, has been in communication with member(s) of Al Qaeda.

On Google Plus, Robert Bergdahl‘s contacts include one “Anissa bint Yusuf Zaid Ibn Youssef.”

And just who is Anissa? From this link (translated), she would seem to be a 10-year member of an Al Qaeda technology support team…

…It’s a pity the NSA — with its massive surveillance program, unlawfully monitoring the conversations of every American citizen — didn’t let us know these salient details ahead of time…



Read the entire article at DirectorBlue.



Related:   OBAMA: ‘My Government’ Doesn’t Need Congress To Swap 5 Terrorists for Bergdahl (video)

The video shows the thought processes of our commander in chief and how he views his leadership role over the American Government. This Freudian slip is alarming and the American people need to wake up to his disdain for the rule of law outlined in our Constitution.

Allen West picked up on it and brought it to our attention. He said:

“Yesterday in an interview with NBC News regarding why he didn’t seek approval for the Berdgahl swap, Obama’s arrogance was in full flower when he said it was a unanimous decision from “MY government.”…



Law Professor Jonathan Turley: White House ‘Heading Into A Buzzsaw’ If Obama Defies Congress Over Bergdahl  (video)

…“The administration can argue that when the president signed the law, he never intended to be bound by it,” the professor continued. “But he signed the law. It’s a federal law. And I don’t think there’s any serious argument that he violated the language of that law.”

“Now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t argue these other constitutional points,” Turley admitted. “But the White House needs to be very careful. They have not played this thing very well. And they’re heading into a buzzsaw if they take an obstructionist position to Congress. Congress has an oversight duty. There is a law that’s been violated.”…


Update:Michael Ramirez channels his inner Patton:



Chuck Todd Peddles White House Talking Points, Insists ‘Taliban Leaders Have No American Blood On Their Hands’ (video)

…Todd’s comments came after an initial question from Morning Joe co-host Willie Geist about why National Security Advisor Susan Rice went on the Sunday talk shows on June 1 to proclaim that Sergeant Bergdahl served with honor and distinction.

Todd immediately spun for the Obama Administration: “People in the White House who spent time with Sergeant Bergdahl’s family on Saturday got a little caught up in the moment itself and how can you not any time? I mean let’s think about the very human nature here of parents not being able to see their son for five years.”

As the segment continued, Todd insisted that the White House “believed that there would be a sense of euphoria and relief about getting America’s lone POW out of captivity and back to the United States.” …



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