‘We’ve lost our special place… to the French’

Tom Newton Dunn
Political Editor
The Sun [UK]
31 August 2013

FRANCE took the place of Britain as America ’ s closest military ally in confronting Syria last night — as deep doubts emerged over whether MPs were right to throw out David Cameron ’ s war plans.




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John Ekdahl, a co-blogger at the terrific Ace of Spades blog, went on a heck of a tear against the Obama administration’s foreign policy failings and the sycophantic mainstream media, much of which refuses to root out and report the truth.

Here are the highlights, starting with comment about the British Parliament voting against joining the U.S. for military action in Syria. See Ekdahl’s full Twitter feed to experience the rant in all its glory…



Update: hahahahahahahahahahaha   Mia Farrow Slams ‘British Bystanders’

She’s a humanitarian interventionist…



Update 2:   Syrians Vow to “Burn America’s Skies” on Obama’s Facebook



Update 3: A very small constitutional earthquake

…I do not think this is the end of the Special Relationship, which exists on many more levels than political posturing. As I say in the blog, if it survived Harold Wilson’s premiership, it will survive the Obama presidency. Some things are more important than immediate and confused politicking.



Update 4Left-Leaning NY Daily News Mocks Obama: “The British Aren’t Coming! The British Aren’t Coming!”  For the first time since about 1812, evidently.



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