WH: Obama Won't Visit Border While Attending Three TX Fundraisers Next Week

Tony Lee
Big Government
3 Jul 2014

President Barack Obama will attend three fundraisers in Texas next week but will not travel to the border to see the crisis that many say he has exacerbated by not enforcing the country’s immigration laws and vowing to enact unilaterally more executive actions to ease deportations.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said at Thursday’s White House press briefing that Obama is scheduled to attend a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Dallas on Wednesday and two events for the Democratic National Committee in Austin on Wednesday and Thursday.

When pressed about Obama’s decision not to go to the border and the military bases and detention centers where illegal immigrant children are being warehoused, Earnest said Obama has all the information that he needs from his senior advisors…



The article, with video, continues at Big Government.



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Related:  “If congressional Republicans had even minimal institutional trust in the president, Mr. Obama would be able to assemble a majority to pass immigration reform.”

…Henninger is more sanguine about Boehner’s lawsuit than I am, but he is right, I think, to point to the Supreme Court’s recent resistance to the expansion of executive power and to question what seems to be Obama’s idea: If Congress won’t give him want he wants, that justifies executive power to do what needs to be done.



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