'What happens if we leave Afghanistan?'

29 July 2010

H/T Weasel Zippers: A moment of clarity…

The Plight of Afghan Women: A Disturbing Picture — TIME

By RICHARD STENGEL, MANAGING EDITOR — Our cover image this week is powerful, shocking and disturbing. It is a portrait of Aisha, a shy 18-year-old Afghan woman who was sentenced by a Taliban commander to have her nose and ears cut off for fleeing her abusive in-laws [italics CAJ]. Aisha posed for the picture and says she wants the world to see the effect a Taliban resurgence would have on the women of Afghanistan, many of whom have flourished in the past few years. Her picture is accompanied by a powerful story by our own Aryn Baker on how Afghan women have embraced the freedoms that have come from the defeat of the Taliban — and how they fear a Taliban revival…

The rest is at Weasel Zippers.


At Sisu, Sissy Willis has more thoughts about this story, “TIME magazine ends debate on the war in Afghanistan?”

Leaving Afghanistan: “Zohal Sagar lost her father and two brothers in the war. Her mother hopes they can leave Afghanistan and find a new life in Canada,” TIME captions this bitterweet image of one of the innocent victims of war. But it gets oh so much worse. Their cover image will haunt you forever unless you’re a moral relativist like Editor Peter Stengel, who makes a fine point of assuring us he isn’t taking sides…

Meanwhile, back at Weasel Zippers, “CAIR Denounces Call to Bring Dogs to Mosque Protest…”

It’s OK to build a mosque at Ground Zero that offends people, but don’t dare offend members the Religion of Piss…

(LA Times) — A loosely organized protest planned this week over a proposed new mosque in Temecula whose organizers urged demonstrators to bring their dogs was sharply denounced by a Southern California Islamic organization Tuesday.

Organizers of the rally, to be held outside the Islamic Center of Temecula Valley during prayers Friday, appear to be associated with a southwest Riverside County political group affiliated with the “tea party” movement. In anonymous e-mails and website postings, organizers encouraged protesters to bring their dogs — considered an insult to Muslims.

“Opposing the rights of certain Americans to freely practice religion is not only shameful and immoral, but unconstitutional,” said Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Greater Los Angeles Area chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “I am confident that our fellow Americans from all faith backgrounds will join us in rejecting such KKK tactics of intolerance, bigotry and intimidation.”

The call for demonstrators to bring dogs was a purposeful effort to “cause offense,” Ayloush said, because many Muslims believe that the saliva of dogs is impure and invalidates Islamic rituals performed before prayer…

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Coming to this location on 9/11/2011, a Mega-Mosque. CAIR declares victory over America’s “Islamophobia.”



Update: Allahpundit writes at HotAir.com, “Brutality.”

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